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few of our clinicians

Dr. Megan Maier

Doctor of Physical Therapist (DPT)

Passionate with Pediatrics Rehab. Great with Adults Rehab, and excellent team manager.

Mr. Willie Haynes

Occupational Therapist

Highly experienced OT, overall dynamic- for all ages with outstanding leadership skills.  

Ms. Christy Davis

Registered Nurse

Great with high-tech IV Infusion, blood drawn from all sites and excellent skilled nursing care 

Mr. Alden Lord

Occupational Therapist

Experienced OT that thrive for excellence. 

Ms. Rita King RN, BSN, MBA, MHCM

Director and Administrator

Highly experienced: A true leader that will passionately treat you like the angel you are! 

Mr. Lambert Ndive

Registered Nurse

Outstanding high-tech IV Infusion nurse. Excellent in Wound care and complex skilled nursing care.

Dr. Ashley Marchi

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Overall Dynamic: Dynamic Management Skills, and overall wonderful!

Mr. Christopher Gaskins

Occupational Therapist

Outstanding skills and Outstanding care

Dr. Sarah Williams

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Passionate pediatric therapist, that is great with our adult population.

Private Duty Nursing

Ms. Rahel Njie

Registered Nurse


Great wound care and wound vac nurse, and a wonderful Skilled nursing care nurse

Ms. Kia Jackson

Care Coordinator

Our cheerful, all together wonderful ASSISTANT that connect all the dots together

Mr. George Fogha

Registered Nurse

Down to earth, dedicated, reliable and outstanding Private Duty Nurse for Pediatrics and Adults.

Ms. Elizabeth Massiah

Registered Nurse

Very dedicated, flexible, patience and caring Pediatrics and Adults nurse. 

Mr. Emeka Eze

A Rehab Coordinator

Excellent, patience. & great with Pediatrics and Adults rehab

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